The OFF Festival is greatly received by the public

The OFF Festival is greatly received by the public

• The Professional Conference and Cooking Films fill the rooms despite public health circumstances and will hold a final session in EsTas de NaSílvia de Ciutadella on 26th September

• The Balearic festivals and audiovisual sector are set to unify the sector

Last weekend the events of the OFF Festival of the Menorca International Film Festival were held and they included the Fifth edition of FICME’S Professional Conference moved to September, and the already established CookingFilms, sessions of local cuisine and cinema taking place in different restaurants and spaces around the island. Both activities have been very well received by the public, who in all cases have filled the allowed capacity of halls and restaurants.

Inés Garrell, festival director, said that “it is very satisfying to see that despite the circumstances, the activities have been very well received by the public, which shows the interest generated in an event that combines something as local as our cuisine, our products and gastronomy with cinema, and that both the public and the sector still champion culture”. Garrell wanted to give a reminder about the two postponed sessions in the Ciutadella restaurants Es Tast de na Sílvia and Hotel Bahía, which have been rescheduled for the end of September with dates to be announced soon.

Rescheduled sessions

Garrell wanted to send a reminder that a last session of Cinema&Cuisine will be held in EsTast de na Sílvia in Ciutadella on the 26th of September. On that day, the film Pear Cake with Lavender by Eric Besnard, will be screened, and the audience can taste the menu prepared by Sílvia Anglada with local produce. The other postponed session at the Hotel Bahía, could not be rescheduled.

The Balearic film sector in Menorca

The Professional Conferences** and the Cooking Films  sessions have brought to Menorca a good number of representatives of the Balearic film sector as well as other personalities within  the sector nationally. 

Balearic Island festivals, producers, distributors and film associations, and actors and actresses such as Itziar Castro, Ruth Llopis, Olivia Delcán, Lluís Marquès and the team of The Remixers with its director Àlex García have participated in different events of the OFF Festival.

The Professional Conference has made it possible to carry out an analysis of the sector in the current circumstances and to take a first step to weave more alliances.

The participating festivals announced that a delegation of Balearic festivals is being created to represent the group and coordinate the relationship with the institutions, and is already working on future meetings to expand collaboration projects. The meeting, also attended by institutions within the industry as well as different producers and cinema associations, concluded on the need to unify the sector in order to establish bases that allow Balearic productions to have unified criteria of access to financing, and a greater distribution between the different islands.

The meeting of distributors in the afternoon highlighted the existing change in the distribution circuits, with new platforms for both creation and distribution, and a more diverse sector less dependent  on the conventional circuit, which given the current situation can be seen as an opportunity.

Minorcan chefs, produce and restaurants for CookingFilms

The latest edition of FICME’s Cooking Films has once again brought together cinema, gastronomy and Menorca’s agri-food sector in the same space. Chef Joan Bagur (Restaurant Rels), Felip Llufriu (Mon Restaurant), Jordi Pons (Ca na Marga) and Mateu Ainsa (Hotel Port Maó) have taken part in designing dishes inspired by the films screening during the sessions of Cinema&Cuisine. In attendance were also renowned Basque chef Aitor Arregui (Elkano) and Italian chef Stefano Colombo (Xemei Barcelona), both featuring in The Remixers.

Other personalities such as the chef and gastronomic disseminator Ada Parellada (Semproniana) and the prestigious maitre  Pere Monje (Via Veneto) have come to Menorca to give a workshop and a masterclass . The gastronomic and food producing sector of Menorca have also participated: the restaurants Pan y Vino, Sa Llagosta, Es Tast de na Sílvia, Bar a Vins, the food critic Borja  Matosses, the nutritionist Noemí García (Menorca in the School Dish), the market of Es Claustre in Maó, Lluïsa Coll, coordinator of the candidacy Menorca Gastronomy Region 2022 and the associations Agroxerxa, Justícia Alimentària, Leader Menorca and Menorca Preservation Fund.

Made in Menorca, the promotional brand within the Department of Economy and Territory and the Fundació Fomentdel Turisme de Menorca, the sponsoring entity, have been the guarantor institutions working together with the Menorca International Film Festival to make CookingFilms possible again this year.

**Professional Conference:
First session, meeting of Balearic film festivals and shows, production companies and film institutions in the Balearic Islands
• Mallorca International Film Festival
• Festival Internacional de Cinema Independentd’Eivissa IBIZACINEFEST
• Mecal Balears
• IBINICE, Film Festival in Ibiza
• CONOFEST International (Short) Film Festival
• Mallorca Film Comission
• Associació de Dones Cineastes i de MitjansAudiovisuals, CIMA Balears (association of Balearic women in film).

Second session, meeting of production companies, distribution companies and audiovisual platforms: News distribution avenues.

Miguel Salvat, head of original content of HBO Europe in Spain.

Millán Vazquez, founding partner and general manager of Agència Audiovisual Freak, SL and the portals (VoD) and

Víctor Berlín, cultural manager and film programmer at LaCasa Encendida and Matadero in Madrid.

Javier Pachón, film project developer with the DG Connect of theEuropean Commission, among others.

Ramiro Ledo, founding member Numax, film and distribution cooperative.

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