Biosphere Reserve

Menorca is located in the middle of the Mediterranean. Isolated from the rest of the world, zealous of its environment and protective of its traditions, it has managed to keep the necessary balance between human development and environmental protection. . That’s why, since 1993 we are:

Biosphere Reserve

Over 25 years later, and in the midst of a global environmental crisis, Menorca faces the challenge of becoming aware of the value of this declaration and act accordingly. For this reason, the Island Council is writing the

First law of the Biosphere Reserve

The declaration of Biosphere Reserve and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals , that the Island Council also uses as reference, are two essential pillars for the Menorca International Film Festival- Social & Sustainable.

Quality education

through cinema

1. Through the messages arising from the audiovisual works that will be screened during the Festival and the actions of Menorca 365, focused on stirring consciences around topics that are in the global political agenda.

2. Through the implementation of sustainable measures in the festival production. Like the use of sustainable cars for the guests or the use of recyclable cups during the events.

3. By collaborating with various ecological entities on the island like GOB Menorcaper la Mar Viva or Menorca Preservation Fund.

How to get here

How to get to Menorca

and enjoy the best cinema?

You have two options:

By air

Menorca is easy to reach with direct flights from Barcelona and Madrid. Or with a
stop-over in Palma. During the summer, more flight connections are added from countries such as the UK, Germany and Italy. We recommend you book your flight in advance because high season last minute prices are higher.

By sea

From Spain you can get here from Barcelona and Valencia. You can also stop in
Mallorca, where there are daily ferries to Menorca, sea conditions permitting. The two companies that run these services are Baleària and Transmediterránea, and they increase their frequency in the summer. If you like to have unbeatable experiences, get on a boat and arrive in Menorca through one of its ports. It’s an image worth retaining in your memory.

To get around the island we recommend:


If the distance you want to travel is not long and you don’t have to cross the main road.


It’s the best option to discover all the corners of Menorca as well as easily reaching all the Festival points. We recommend the car rental company Owners Cars.

Public transport

During the summer it’s easy to get to most places on the island on public transport. The regular lines between the different towns increase their frequency during the summer. And new routes are added covering suburban areas and beaches.

The 47 kilometers that separate the two furthest points in Menorca might give you the impression of it being a small island, but it’s large in wealth. . Get well organized for your stay and prepare an itinerary of places you cannot miss, including some of the Talayotic monuments and lighthouses. . And don’t forget to take note of the festival events!


To enjoy the island of Menorca, we recommend:

Art and antiques


& Krauss




Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa


Hotel Port Maó


Can Faustino



en Kayak

Local product


de Menorca



Mercat des




Sa Catòlica

Cultural agenda



Isola di


Rent a car

Dive center







by Amelia Bay







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