We see the Festival as a whole in which the audiovisual offer cannot be squeezed in
during just one week in the summer. That’s the reason for FICME 365, a set of activities outside the tourist season which bring the program to other audiences and venues.

The aim of FICME 365  is that the interest in film does not decline off-season. But also to offer audiences that are different from the ones attending the screenings in the summer, their own space. The actions around FICME 365 are programmed with the essence of the festival very much in mind. Therefore, we involve other entities and collaborating festivals so that they bring their offer to the local audience.



The actions of FICME 365 are divided into two big groups. On the one hand, is the set of educational services with a strong educational and pedagogical conviction. These include workshops in schools, Filmets in libraries or support workshops to guide projects that can be presented in the FICME Young Talent section.

On the other hand, there is an offer aimed at a more adult audience such as thematic film series. This year 2020 the film series of Cinema & Biosphere, dedicated to the Menorca Biosphere Reserve celebrates the second edition with a fim series about the sea, it is CineMar. Also included in this offer are Cooking Films, a fusion of cinema and gastronomy that seeks to promote Menorca’s local produce and cuisine in the current context in which Menorca has been declared a European Gastronomic Region.

Education services


One of the goals of Sustainable Development stated by the United Nations is providing quality education. This is ODS present at the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Menorca – Social & Sostenible all year round. But in particular at the training workshops that are run through the FICME 365 actions.

Youth Health Workshop

This workshop, given by professionals in the audiovisual sector, teaches young people how to understand and interpret an audiovisual piece. The program Youth Health is a
collaboration held every year between the Menorca International Film Festival – Social &Sustainable and the Island Council, the driving force behind this activity. The workshop sessions run during the school year, between September and June.

In this case, the program of the Badalona Film Festival FILMETS is screened for
secondary school pupils across Menorca. The venues are the libraries on the island, which promote educational initiatives and host this workshop, in which films with a social and environmental dimension are selected. The aim is to raise awareness and discuss global issues that concern young people.

Talent Jove

Since 2020, the FICME Young Talent section moves to FICME 365, providing young people under 35 accompanying workshops to make its audiovisual work. These sessions are held monthly and are intended to serve as a guide for those not started in the audiovisual production. This tutoring is free and anyone who participates can also opt to be part of the volunteer team during the Festival week, as well as present their work in the Young Talent section.

Film seasons


Throughout the year and as part of the FICME 365 program, the Menorca International Film Festival – Social & Sostenible organizes two thematic film seasonss. The main feature of these seasons is that they are surrounded by parallel activities that resonate with the themes of the films screened.

Biosphere Reserve Season

One of Menorca’s flags is its declaration as Biosphere Reserve , in 1993. In line with the declaration of the Menorca International Film Festival – Social & Sustainable of being a sustainable event concerned with environmental issues, the Biosphere Reserve Season started in 2019, on the 25th anniversary of the declaration. During 2020 the season focuses on the marine environment and thus is called Cinema and Sea. The film screenings will take place during February, March and April. And they will be supported by institutions linked to marine life preservation.

Cooking Films

Cooking Films is one of the most celebrated events by food lovers. Pairing cinema and cuisine is the essence of this season which boasts the involvement of the most renowned chefs in Menorca.

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