International art for the image of the Festival

International art for the image of the Festival

The Art School of Menorca, Binifilms and are the three entities that this year collaborate in the Menorca Film Festival 2019, to which they contribute with their art. The School of Art, and specifically the jewelery section, is responsible for the design of the awards. Binifilms, on the other hand, has worked a spot with a music that will surely sound familiar to you. And has taken the inspiration from that spot to make the image of this year’s poster. Know them a little better.

Binifilms, producing with a lot of art

Binifilms is a production company that works between the waters that separate Catalonia and Menorca. And of this team, Laura Tresserras and Gilbert González have been responsible for making the spot of the 2019 edition of the Menorca Film Festival.

Two lovers of the island since they stepped on it years ago, have formed their family in this small piece of land in the middle of the Mediterranean. On the beach of Punta Prima they wanted to make their small tribute to the summer cinema of the 70s and 80s, with a special reference to the film Jaws, by Steven Spielberg. The intrigue and expectation are mixed in a spot that invites visitors to come to Menorca during the summer. But, especially, during the week of the festival.

Although this year they had the responsibility of filming the spot, two years ago they collaborated with the Festival, so they are known as if they were the prints they left on the beach of Punta Prima.

The delicacy of the image of the hand of

He has dedicated his entire life to the graphic and visual arts. Benoit Fouquet, responsible for  the image of the Menorca Film Festival 2019, says that what prompts him to be part of this adventure is the love that unites him to Menorca and art.

Since he was 15 he has studied graphic arts, playing branches such as design, architecture, painting, sculpture, art direction and advertising. He studied at the Cherpentier Academy in Paris. And he has worked for companies such as Canal +, Peugeot, or LU. He has just created his company, together with Céline Pelletier, with which he is dedicated to offering production and photography services on the island.

For the realization of the image of the Menorca Film Festival, he has taken the root of the video created by Binifilms, putting into practice his belief in the coherence of the image of a brand.

Awards form four pairs of hands

Pablo Pinedo López was born in Madrid, but has been in Menorca for almost 30 years. He graduated in Applied Arts, in the specialty of jewelry, guided by the curiosity that the materials produced and the endless possibilities offered. Since 1989 he teaches jewelry at the Art School of Menorca. And, in fact, have been his students who have designed the different awards with which the winners of this year will be awarded. Based on the logo of the festival, each student has made his proposal. They are:

Pilar Barber Tornos, from Alicante. She was born in 1955 and has a degree in Romance Philology. He has worked in the regional administration and in recent years has been fond of artistic topics.

Lucia Diaz Lopez, from Madrid. She is 28 years old and claims to be a professional optometrist, but a craftswoman at heart. That’s why she develops her passion through jewelry workshops.

Elena Alvarado Coll had already had contact with the world of jewelry, when she worked at the School of Labor in Barcelona. Its sources of inspiration are the landscape and the ancestral.

José Luis Villagrasa Alegre moved from Valencia to Menorca to study jewelry. It comes, in fact, from a family of artisan jewelers and enjoys art and music.

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