The Menorca International Film Festival (FICME) is the the seventh art annual event on the island, with a social and sustainable spirit which permeates its programming and organization from the contest, aware of the positive effect it has to promote its culture and art as well as a social and ecological awareness in Menorca. For this reason we have set out to meet the maximum&nbspSustainable Development Goals. A United Nations initiative called Agenda 2030 to improve our world in cross-cutting issues.

Jury & Awards

Each year, recognized professionals in the audiovisual sector join the team to make up a jury that chooses the winners of the Illes en Curt and Balears en Curt sections. The Talent Jove section decides winners through public vote. The winning short films in each section receive an economic prize and an award that represents some element related to the FICME made by local and emerging artists.

Illes en Curt

700€ cash prize and award.

Balears en Curt

700€ cash prize and award.

Talent Jove

500€ cash prize and award.

Venues & useful info

FICME is an island event. For this reason, with each edition we try to expand the range of spaces and municipalities that host both the Festival and actions Menorca 365. Being present all over the island allows Menorcans and visitors to get to know unique and emblematic spaces, always valuing their outdoor locations that Menorca offers. Do you want to know them a little more?


The outdoor spaces are intended to publicize the landscape beauty of Menorca. Every corner of the island is special. And those who are eligible for the Festival’s screenings, it opens to the public from two aspects: the cinematic and the tourist.

This is why we select the best public spaces and turn them into cinemas&nbspfor a week. And expand an experience that encompasses other attractions of the island, such as being a Starlight reservation, enjoying the Mediterranean or living on the Menorcan summer night.

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Teatre Principal de Maó

Headquarters of the inauguration

Pati mirador de Sant Francesc

Located in the Museum of Menorca, home of the night outdoor sessions in Maó

Orfeó Maonès

Venue of the afternoon sessions in Mahón

Cinemes Canal Salat

Festival venue in Ciutadella
IMG_9436 2-2

Ateneu Científic, Literari i Artístic de Maó

A l’interior de l’Ateneu de Maó, seu de les jornades tècniques

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Who we are


Silence, we are screening.

The Menorca International Film Festival was founded in 2016 with two objectives: to be a cultural and cinematographic event of reference in Menorca and the Balearic Islands and stir the consciences of the spectators, with risky proposals, that speak transparently of social, environmental and human conflicts. We open windows to topics that should make us aware of the world we live in and how we interact with it. In addition to entertaining, cinema is a means of understanding the reality that surrounds us. For this, we make the International Film Festival of Menorca – Social & Sustainable a space that goes beyond the screening of committed films and shorts. It is also a meeting place for young creators , a hub for professionals who want to improve the practices of the sector such as industry, set and filming . For those companies, associations and entities that, through culture, want to put their bit of sand to make a better Menorca.


From 2019 the commitment of the International Film Festival of Menorca has taken it a step further. And it has adhered to the &nbspSustainable Development Goals pledged by the United Nations. So that the little we can do, adds up to all the actions that take place all over the world. And the union will, in the end, force us to improve our planet. These are the SDGs we have complied with since the Festival:



Inés Garrell


Tariq Porter


Maria Sabater

Nuria Casal


Josep Coll

Audiovisual Services

Marc Herrando

Suport programació

Jon Lusa

Talent Jove

Macià Florit

Empreses audiovisuals

Acústic Menorca

Bendito Films


Maria Gasol

Web design

Aigu Sainz

Empreses comunicació





From the International Film Festival of Menorca we want to give opportunities to those who want to get a first-hand look at the inner workings of an event like this. That’s why we like to have a group of volunteers who are very supportive of the successful development of the Festival week each summer.

The tasks that you can learn as a volunteer are:

  • Production: logistical support
  • Public attention
  • Box office: ticket sales support

Being a volunteer gives you the right to:

  • See all the programming for free
  • Meet the guests
  • Live the Festival from the inside

If you are convinced but you have other questions, you can write to us at info@festivalmenorca.com and we will answer all your questions.


Previous editions

Jury: Joan Bover, Marta Nieto and Miki Esparbé


  • Illes en Curt award: Gas Station (Olga Torrico) and Entre tú y Milagros (Mariana Saffon) (ex aequo), with a special mention to Latitud (Jan Cornet)
  • Balears en Curt award: Forastera (Lucía Aleñar Iglesias) with a special mention to El deseado (Óscar Bernàcer)
  • Talent Jove award: Del camp (Judit Bosch and Clara Marquès)


Jury: Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson, Carlos R. Ríos, Javier Pachón


  • Illes en Curt award: Golden Minutes (Saulius Baradinskas)
  • Balears en Curt award: Bubota (Carlota Bujosa)
  • Talent Jove award: Alter ego (Caterina Lumina)


  • Illes en Curt
    • A quien dices amar (Inés Pintor, Pablo Santidrián)
    • Are You Listening Mother? (Tuna Kaptan)
    • Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Mads Koudal)
    • Calvario (Lluís Margarit)
    • Cover (Vahid Alvandifar)
    • Etreintes (Justine Vuylsteker)
    • Flora (Javier Kühn)
    • Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain (Bernhard Wenger)
    • L’oro di famiglia (Emanuele Pisano)
    • La gita (Salvatore Allocca)
    • Los rugidos que alejan la tormenta (Santiago Reale)
    • Le Roi des démons du vent (Clémence Poésy)
    • Marleni, no Marlen (Carmen Aumedes Mier)
    • Mateoren ama (La madre de Mateo) (Aitor Arregi, Jose Mari Goenaga)
    • Moda (Imanol Ortiz López)
    • Pile poil (Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller)
    • Sleepless / Repeat Until Death (Sil van der Woerd, Jorik Dozy)
    • Solsticio de verano (Carlota González-Adrio Cardoner)
    • Stay Awake, Be Ready (Pham Thien An)
    • There Will Be Monsters (Carlota Pereda)
    • Todo el mundo se parece de lejos (Rafa de los Arcos)
    • Vaca (Marta Bayarri)
    • Why Slugs Have No Legs (Aline Hötchli)
  • Balears en Curt
    • A-1606 (Ricard Peitx)
    • Aquells que haurien d’haver anat a París (Jaume Carrió) [projecció especial]
    • Bubota (Carlota Bujosa Cortés)
    • Cala Turqueta SA (Macià Florit Campins)
    • Coplillas por Bombay (Jaume Miranda)
    • DeadPavo (Enric Llonch, Lucía León, Judit Serral, Júlia Gaitano)
    • Dona (Marga Melià)
    • Els esvaïts (Mònica Cambra, Ariadna Fortuny)
    • Europea (Bernardo Arzayus)
    • Nohay (Malena Ibarz, Laura Suñé, Maria Capdevila)
    • Seda verde (Marina Wagner)
    • The Gatherer (Josep Flores, Biel Geli)
    • Youtuber (Paula Galimberti, Gonzalo Piñán, Pedro Deltell)
    • Ulisses (Joan Bover)
  • Talent Jove
    • Esmeraldo (Alek Picó, Celia Riudavets, Laia Alós, Marc Soucheiron)
    • Gamán (Chadani Ferrero, Mary Delaney, Laura Mantolán) 
    • Friday, I’m in Love (Marina Petrus, Violeta de Tomás, Paula Gelabert, Laia Gonell)
    • Zuleika (Gemma Seguí, Tessa Farina, Carmen Pérez, Yinyer Sibia Pilataxi, Eva Gomila)
    • Siempre juntes (Martina Ravazzolo)
    • Alter ego (Caterina Lumina)
    • En cuarentena (Violeta Alonso)
    • Entrar en el armario (Vicka Duran)
    • Mortis (Miquel Gomila)
    • Unas gafas (Marcos Callejo)
    • Aire americà (Rubén Capilla)
    • La paradoxa del silenci (Erik Anderson) [projecció especial]
  • Illes en Llarg
    • El centro del Horizonte (Delphine Lehericey)
    • Habitación 212 (Christophe Honoré)
    • Saint Frances (Alex Thompson)
    • Santuario (Álvaro Longoria)
    • Uno para todos (David Ilundain)
    • Viure la mar (Magda Timoner)

Jury: Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo, Alba Paz, Marga Melià


  • Illes en Curt award: Suc de síndria (Irene Moray) and Mamartuile (Alejandro Saevich) (ex aequo)
  • Balears en Curt award: L’accident (Marta Font), with special mention to Ca nostra (Laia Foguet)
  • Talent Jove award: La dualidad del todo (Maiola Pax, Laia Orfila, Agus Estrada)
  • Premi del Públic Illes en Llarg: La mujer de la montaña (Benedikt Erlingsson)


  • Illes en Curt
    • Ashmina (Dekel Berenson)
    • Atarraya (Esteban García)
    • El círculo (Daniel González)
    • Faith (Vera) (Tatiana Fedorovskaya)
    • Game (Jeannie Donohoe)
    • Héroes (Santiago Cardelús, Pablo Manchado)
    • In Full Bloom (Maegan Houang)
    • Mamartuile (Alejandro Saevich)
    • No odies al jugador (Héctor Herce)
    • Paraíso azul (Daniel de Vicente)
    • Pierre’s Heart (Le cœur de Pierre) (Olivier Binder)
    • Rapaz (Felipe Gálvez)
    • Skin (Guy Nattiv)
    • Subway (Carlos García de Dios)
    • Suc de síndria (Irene Moray)
    • The Evil Eye (Deochiul) (Leonore Kasper)
    • Volcánica (Alberto Velasco)
    • What Is Love (Paco Cabezas)
    • Zero (David Macián)
  • Balears en Curt
    • Ca nostra (Laia Foguet)
    • Capitán Kinesis (Carles Jofre)
    • En mi retina (Aina Martos)
    • Fràgil (Bàrbara Prohens Coll) 
    • Hostal Orión (Jaume Carrió)
    • L’accident (Marta Font)
    • Out of Plastic (Line Hadsbjerg)
    • Réquiem (Juanma Juárez)
  • Talent Jove
    • 1 minut (Hugo Martínez, Júlia Pérez, Sara Camarena)
    • Aguas cristalinas (Marina Pastrana, Marta Chillón, Paula Maga)
    • Alex (Miki Gomila, Gemma Sintes, Arnau Cloquells)
    • Am I Good? (Tara Camacho, Kathe Fuentes, Anna Muñoz)
    • Amor entre “comillas” (Oriol Enrich, Laia Gonell, Clara Olives)
    • Autoestima (Maria Taltavull, Megan Buenaventura, Andrea Carreño)
    • I tu? (Caro Anillo, Ana Blecu)
    • La dualidad del todo (Maiola Pax, Laia Orfila, Agus Estrada)
    • Prou violència (Julia Van Walré, Paloma Armendariz, Mariona Miró)
    • Vida (Àlex Arroyo, Adrià Enrich, Alba Llull)
  • Illes en Llarg
    • Els dies que vindran (Carlos Marques-Marcet)
    • Entre dos aguas (Isaki Lacuesta)
    • Fishbone (Adán Aliaga)
    • La mujer de la montaña (Benedikt Erlingsson)
    • Litus (Dani de la Orden)
    • Profesor en Groenlandia (Samuel Collardey)
    • Simshar (Rebecca Cremona) – Illa convidada: Malta

Jury: Páz Lázaro, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Ruth Llopis


  • Illes en Curt award: Inlove (Les frères Lopez), with special mention to Bonobo (Zoel Aeschbacher)
  • Balears en Curt award: Hoissuru (Armand Rovira), with special mention to Nobody Is Perfect (Beatriz Pérez)
  • Premi del Públic Illes en Llarg:Formentera Lady (Pau Durà)


  • Illes en Curt
    • A Drowning Man (Mahdi Fleifel)
    • Blue Peter(Plavi Petar) (Marko Šantić)
    • Bonboné (Rakan Mayasi)
    • Bonobo (Zoel Aeschbacher)
    • Cunetas (Pau Teixidor)
    • Daisy Belle (William Wall)
    • Everyday(Tous les jours) (Philippe Orriendy)
    • Extraños en la carretera (Carlos Solano)
    • Gray Umbrella (Mohammad Poustindouz)
    • Ice(Jää) (Anna Hints)
    • Inlove (Les frères Lopez)
    • Insidia (Paco Ruiz)
    • La inútil (Belén Funes)
    • La última virgen (Bàrbara Farré)
    • Les misérables (Ladj Ly)
    • Morning Cowboy (Fernando Pomares)
    • Preliminares (Teresa Bellón, César F. Calvillo)
    • Princesa de hielo (Pablo Guerrero)
    • Sacrilège (Christophe M. Saber)
    • Silent Campine (Steffen Geypens)
    • The Stunt Manual (Ben Fernández)
  • Balears en Curt
    • A mitges (Dani Seguí)
    • Bendito Machine VI – Carry On (Jossie Malis)
    • Bohèmia (Anna Petrus)
    • Del mar (Andrea Pardo)
    • Hoissuru (Armand Rovira)
    • Kyoko (Marcos Cabotá, Joan Bover)
    • La estación (Javier Chacártegui)
    • Nobody Is Perfect (Beatriz Pérez)
    • Roake (Joan Cobos)
    • Víctor Uris: Els camins del blues (Javier Pueyo)
    • Xavier Carbonell, esmalt clivellat (Doménech Boronat)
  • Illes en Llarg
    • Buenos vecinos (Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson)
    • Formentera Lady (Pau Durà)
    • Grímsey (Richard García Vázquez, Raúl Portero)
    • Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (Mouly Surya)
    • Sergio & Sergei (Ernesto Daranas)
    • Song of Granite (Pat Collins)
    • Tanna (Bentley Dean, Martin Butler)
    • Tierra firme (Carlos Marques-Marcet)

Jury: Diane Malherbe, Emma Suárez, José María Riba


  • Illes en Curt award: Madre (Rodrigo Sorogoyen), with special mention to Renovable (Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goneaga)
  • Balears en Curt award: Su (Laia Foguet)


  • Illes en Curt
    • A tres asaltos (Raúl Pinto)
    • Altinha (Jean-Marc Joseph)
    • Avería (Dany Campos)
    • Centauro (Nicolás Suárez)
    • Curse of the Flesh (Yannik Lecoeur, Leslie Lavielle)
    • Decorado (Alberto Vázquez)
    • Dreams On Sale (Vlad Buzaianu)
    • El ogro (Jaime Dezcallar)
    • Elegía (Alba Tejero)
    • Fat Boy Never Slim (Raksa Dindaen) (Sorayos Prapapan)
    • La invitación (Susana Casares)
    • Madre (Rodrigo Sorogoyen)
    • Maelstrøm (Carlos Gómez-Trigo)
    • O Pico Gritava Baleia (Sergio Romero)
    • Pis (David Caíña)
    • Renovable (Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goneaga)
    • Si las paredes hablaran (Sebastián Talavera)
    • Sol creixent (Guillem Manzanares)
    • That Night Raining (M. Mahdi Bagheri)
    • The Bald Future (Le future sera chauve) (Paul Cabon)
    • Tiempo de sequía (Nico Stefanazzi)
    • Touch (Noel Harris)
    • Two Dollars (Deus dollars) (Emmanuel Tenenbaum)
    • Yerbabuena (Estefanía Cortés)
  • Balears en Curt
    • Cartas boca abajo (Mateo Nicolau de las Moras)
    • Epistolar (Txema Lirón de Robles)
    • Hasta que llegó su hora (Javier Silvestre Sáez)
    • La melodía del mal (Miguel Ángel Durán Más)
    • Las cosas de mi hija (Bernardo Arzayus Pereáñez)
    • Sa terra (Borja Zausen)
    • Streetlight Anxiety (Marta Grimalt Canals)
    • Su (Laia Foguet)
    • Talia (Toni Bestard)
    • Woody & Woody (Jaume Carrió)

Jurat Illes en Curt: José Luis Montesinos, Laura Calavia, Olivia Delcán

Jurat Balears en Curt: Anna Petrus, Margaret Nicoll, Laia Foguet


  • Illes en Curt award: Discipline (Christophe M. Saber)
  • Balears en Curt award: La mano invisible (Marco Robledo), with special mention to La lliçó(Gilbert González, Laura Tresserras)
  • Premi del Públic: La lliçó(Gilbert González, Laura Tresserras)


  • Illes en Curt [Festival en Curt]
    • A Single Life (Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw, Job Roggeveen)
    • Anujin (Urko Olazabal)
    • Aurelia (Toni Aranda)
    • Discipline (Christophe M. Saber)
    • Golden Shot (Gokalp Gonen)
    • Hurto (Jerónimo García Castela)
    • I Am Sami (Kae Bahar)
    • La buena fe (Begoña Soler)
    • La inquilina (Mar Coll)
    • Lovearthcam (Aitor Marin Correcher)
    • Ma maison (Lisa Diaz)
    • Mamci i Udice (Luka Popadic)
    • Os Meninos do Rio (Javier Macipe)
    • Pêcheur du Tarn (Gaubert Pascal)
    • Ruleta (Álvaro Carmona)
    • Safe Space (Geschützter Raum) (Zora Rux)
    • Sandrino (Camila Luna Toledo)
    • Suspendu (Elie Grappe)
    • The Secret World of Foley (Daniel Jewel)
    • Un poignée de main historique (Aurelien Laplace)
  • Balears en Curt [Illes en Curt]
    • Apolo 81 (Óscar Bernàcer)
    • Chat vol dir moix (Jaume Carrió)
    • La lliçó (Gilbert González, Laura Tresserras)
    • La mano invisible (Marco Robledo)
    • Los crímenes del día de Todos los Santos (Héctor Escandell)
    • Som pastor (Borja Zausen)
    • The Ring Thing (Friederike Jehn)



One of the Sustainable Development Goals proclaimed by the United Nations is the duty to provide quality Education. This ODS is present at the Menorca International Film Festival throughout the year. But in a very special way in the training workshops that take place during the actions of FICME 365.


One of the flags of Menorca is the declaration of Biosphere Reserve, which it received in 1993. In line with the declaration of the Menorca International Film Festival of being a sustainable event and aware of environmental problems, the Biosphere Reserve cycle began , just the year in which the declaration was 25 years old, in 2019. During 2021, the cycle is dedicated to the sea and is called CineMar.