Música – Wanderlust

Versions with a bohemian and Mediterranean soul

Ian de la Rosa | Espanya | 2021 | 17′ | VO Esp

Almería, a humble neighbourhood. A group of Spanish-Moroccan girls prepare the 18th birthday party of one of them. They talk about prospects, longings... Ian de la Rosa masterfully immerses us in a world that’s near yet too unknown, in this Gaudí award-winning short film.

Verónica Echegui | Espanya | 2022 | 23′ | VO Esp

Traditions can be the ideal excuse for barbarism. We see it often, and this powerful short film illustrates it perfectly. Verónica Echegui's directorial debut won the Goya Award, combining social overtones with an angry, hard-hitting thriller.

Carme Gomila | Menorca | 2021 | 12′ | VO Esp

The sweetness of the strawberries we eat is often inversely proportional to the bitterness of the female workers who pick them, invisible seasonal workers who suffer double abuse: labour and gender. This is portrayed in this powerful documentary animated by Menorcan director Carme Gomila.

Balthazar Klarwein | Mallorca | 2021 | 20′ | VOS Esp

Joey serves drinks to a community of hedonists in a small Mediterranean paradise. It is not clear whether his excessive behaviour is due to the fact that summer is coming to an end, or rather because the end of life’s summers is approaching. A film as sophisticated as it is darkly dreamlike.

Joan Bover | Mallorca | 2021 | 6′ | VOS Esp

Art has no borders, neither geographical nor material. Any object can be a musical instrument and any music, a universal language. Juanjo Montserrat, an artist who found success on television thanks to a singular partner, knows this well. A gem of a film done in a sequence shot by the director ofUlisses.

Dani Seguí | Menorca | 2022 | 13′ | VO Cat

The history of cinema in Menorca has names and surnames. One of the most outstanding is Tiago Florit, a film operator who for years illuminated the Teatre Principal in Maó and, also, the dark past of a country kidnapped by a dictatorship. A beautiful animated documentary. 

Sònia Buj | Menorca | 2022 | 16′ | VO Cat

What lies on the other side of the bay of Fornells? Is Pepe el Malo an urban legend or did he really exist? This documentary does not attempt to shed light on the dark; rather, it skilfully plays with the ambiguities of a character that is part of Menorca’s collective imagination.

September 10 @ 20:30
20:30 — 23:50 (3h 20’)

Es Freginal, Maó


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