Yngvild Sve Flikke | Noruega | 2021 | 103′ | VOS Esp

Rakel, a young comic book artist, doesn't want to be a mother, and is very definite about it. That's why, when her body starts to change, she doesn't even think she could be pregnant... Like a ninja, the baby has been waiting for its moment to show signs of life, and now Rakel has to face her own convictions. A mordant and funny film about the "duty" of motherhood, awarded with best European comedy of the year.

David Moragas | Espanya | 2022 | 16′ | VO Cat

A young man arrives home after a few days away. His partner is waiting for him for dinner. Suddenly, the conversation between the two is strained by something.... meaningless? A lucid and concise short film starring Lluís Marquès about couple types and emotional barriers.

September 9 @ 21:30
21:30 — 23:30 (2h)

Castell de Fornells, Es Mercadal


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