A touch of three artists for this summer’s Menorca Film Festival

A touch of three artists for this summer’s Menorca Film Festival

In its third edition, the Menorca Film Festival will feature the participation of three Minorcan artists from different disciplines. They are: Ivan Triay, designer of the Festival’s poster, which will be unveiled at the beginning of June; Macià Florit, producer of this summer’s spot, an audiovisual work shot on the island showing us how electric light came to Minorca, and which will premiere at the end of June; and Rovellart, the creative couple who will be designing and creating the prizes that will be awarded to the winning filmmakers.


Ivan Triay, the illustrator of “good vibes”

The designs of this Minorcan painter are easily recognized by their simple and colorful strokes. His characters are happy couples who kiss and ride motorbikes, strong women who drink wine with flushed cheeks and smiling families who go for a walk after sailing. Triay’s creations have already been chosen as the visual expressions of brands such as EstrellaDamm and Gin Xoriguer. The Mediterranean “good vibes” of his illustrations fit perfectly with the visual conception of the Menorca Film Festival. For this third edition,Triay started with a classic Minorcan chair and a lighthouse, and the rest took care of itself.


MaciàFlorit and the search for Minorcan identity

Through the genre of “fake documentary”, Minorcan director Macià Florit explores the past to discover the relationship, albeit fictitious, between the emblematic elements of the island of Minorca and CINEMA in capital letters, from the Lumière brothers to Hollywood. In one of his creations for the Festival, Florit turned the legend of the Tramuntana horse into a fable about the origin of cinema. This Minorcan stallion inspired its owner, an English photographer, to invent a mechanized wheel of photos that creates the illusion of movement when it rotates. In addition to filming pieces that are presented at the Festival, Florit also teaches audiovisual workshops to broaden the training of young filmmakers on the island.


Rovellart, art for four hands

The four hands are those of ÀngelsVerdaguer and Fred Purnell, two multidisciplinary artists who work in Ciutadella,primarily with recovered iron and recycled materials, giving these substances a new life. Their kinetic and colorful sculptures seek to capture the harmony of movement. Their path has brought them to the Menorca Film Festival, which they describe as a chance to “let themselves get carried away” by a dream. This year they will collaborate on designing and creating the prizes that will be awarded to the winning filmmakers.

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