Once upon a time there was an island…

Spread out like little dots on the world map there are thousands of islands. The stories that take place in those islands are the main stars of the IV edition of the Menorca Film Festival. These stories of longing, nostalgia and survival form our film archipelago, our most international so far.

Proof of this opening is our twinning with Malta, an island with which we share a culture, a sea, a landscape and, from now on, a meeting point for filmmakers.

Another innovation is our firm commitment with sustainability, a much-needed life philosophy that also makes its way into the world of cinema.

And of course, our traditional stalwarts: renowned filmmakers, impeccable programming, a competitive section that now also rewards the youngest talents and always our spectacular Minorca.

Welcome! Sit back and enjoy this annual cinematic party.

Direction: Inés Garrell

Advisory Committee: Isabel María Segura, Margaret Nicoll

Programming: Tariq Porter, Núria Campreciós, Jon Lusa

Communication: Núria Maynou, Itziar Lecea

Translations: Carlota Fluxà,  Maria Gasol

Professional space: Marta Castells

Production: Céline Pelletier

Audiovisuals: Xavi Bros, Ornela Rubioli, Binifilms

Technical Support: Acustic Menorca

Educational Workshops: Macià Florti, Mani Pérez

Design: Maria Eva Melià

Web Design: Aigu Sainz

Image Design: Ben Fouquet- Nouvellevagu.es

Official IV Edition FCME Short Film: Binifilms

Award Design: Escola d’Art- Grau de Joieria

Space Assistance: Josep Coll, Jon Lusa, Marc Herrando

Design and Layout of Hand Brochure: Island Mood

Ambassadors: Jacinto Seguí, Susi Medina, Fede Segura, Victoria Krauss,  Amadeu Paradís, Franc Pacheco, Stephanie Zapp

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