Minorca, a cinematic experience


To experience the island of Minorca is a privilege, both for those who live here and those who are visiting. This enclave in the middle of the Mediterranean boasts a dramatic setting, a vibrant culture, and a fascinating heritage.

Our desire to share this unique culture motivated us to create the Minorca Film Festival. Our team of passionately committed professionals strive to offer our enthusiastic audiences an abundance of high quality global cinema under the Minorcan summer night’s sky.


For one week, film lovers can enjoy an exclusive program that includes feature films and an official competition of short films within two categories –international and Balearic—selected by a special jury of film professionals, as well as related activities organized in connection with the film screenings.

We invite you to enjoy a fresh, unique festival, with a personality that reflects our rich Minorcan identity.



The team:

Direction: Inés Garrell

Production: Neus Pérez, Josep Marquès, Ana Piquin

Programme: Núria Campreciós, Tariq Porter and Josep Coll

Communication: Nuria Maynou, Sergio Rozalén, Carlota Fluxà

Design: Maria Melià

Web Design: Aigu Sainz

Audiovisuals: Macià Florit, Binifilms, Maite Carles and Xavi Bros

Educational Workshops: Macià Florit, Josep Coll and Mani Pérez

Professional Space: Marta Castells

Volunteers: Clara Roldán, Josep Coll, Jon Rodrigo, Carlos Seijo , Marc Herrando, and Maria Sintes

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