The Menorca Film Festival is a reality thanks to the commitment and contributions of entities, companies and professionals who are committed to making it possible for Menorca to have a quality cultural offer throughout the year. To all of them, thanks!








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In addition, we would like to express our special thanks to all those anonymous and volunteer people who with their contributions, hard work, smiles, good humor and excellent disposition make this the great week of cinema in Menorca:

Departament de Cultura, Patrimoni i Educació – Consell Insular de Menorca – Joana, Jordi, Àlex, Mandi, Kiko, Carol, Miguel A., Carmen. Ajuntament de Ciutadella, Rut, Joan. Ajuntament de Maó. Viatges Magon, Vicent Garcia i equip. Teresa Femenías, Victoria Krauss, Júlia Salsas, Jaume Mayans, Tallers d’art. Incondicional suport de: Anja Sánchez Rodrigo Wikers, Isabel M Segura, Margaret Nicoll. Jon, Jon, Diego, Carlos, Clara, Tamar, Clara García, Marc, Josep Coll, Maybel, Anne Maison, Ana, Júlia.