An international jury for the official section: Illes en Curt and Balears en Curt

In its fourth edition the Menorca Film Festival will have an exclusive jury that comprises of prominent filmmakers, actors and film professionals from different countries.

Isaki Lacuesta

The name of Isaki Lacuesta has sounded strong in recent years. The Concha de Oro that he received at the San Sebastian Film Festival last year for his film Entre dos aguas, is one of the awards that consolidate him as one of the filmmakers with the most projection of the current scene.

Born in Girona in 1975, he trained in Audiovisual Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. And then he graduated with the first promotion of the Master’s Degree in Creation Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University. Together with his partner, Isa Campo, he has set up the production company La Termita Films.

Apart from the award-winning Entre dos aguas, he is the author of La próxima piel, for which he received Gaudí awards and at the Malaga Festival, among others. And of The Double Steps, a film that in 2011 gave him his first Concha de Oro at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Alba Paz

Alba Paz is co-director of the Cinespagna Festival of Toulouse. She was born in 1983, and has always been on horseback between Spain and France, where she studied at the universities of Valencia and the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

In Spain she has worked in radio and television, where she has developed her talent in screenwriting and as a producer. In 2009 he made the leap to the Cinespagna Tolouse film festival, within which she forms part of the selection committee and, at the same time, develops cultural projects.

The experience during all these years earned her the position of co-director of the Cinespagna Festival, together with Loïc Diaz Ronda, since 2017. In this way, Paz is responsible for school programming and educational workshops in schools, colleges and universities. All combined with the tasks of the festival management. Between 2010 and 2017 she was also responsible for the guest office of the Cinélatino de Tolouse festival.

Marga Melià

The Balearic filmmaker Marga Melià was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1982. She studied at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, ​​where she graduated in Journalism and studied the International Writing Master’s Degree in Television and Cinema, specializing in script analysis. He has lived in Berlin and in Bologna. In fact, he speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian and some German.

After working in various media as a journalist, he published the book Supporting Paradise (Lunwerg, 2011). A year later she set up his production company, Nuu Films. From there, she has worked as a production manager, scriptwriter and editor, among others. Of her projects as director and scriptwriter, the short film El síndrome del calcetín desparejado (The Uncoupled Sock Syndrome), with which she was presented to the short film section of the Atlántida Film Fest. Se also went through this festival with her first feature film, Bittersweet Days.

Isa Campo

Isa Campo (Girona, 1975) is a scriptwriter, director, producer and professor of film direction at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

She is the other half of the film production company La Termita Films, founded with her partner the filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta, with whom she shared the joy of winning the San Sebastián Film Festival’s Concha de Oro in 2018 for their feature film “Entre dos aguas”, that closes a humanistic journey initiated 12 years ago with “La leyenda del tiempo” (2006).

Campo has been an essential force behind the films directed by Lacuesta, among them the hit of “Los pasos dobles” (2011), winner of the Concha de Oro in San Sebastián. Other notable titles she has written include: “El cuaderno de barro” (2011), about a trip to Africa with the painter Miquel Barceló; “Los condenados” (2009), starring Argentine militants, and “La noche que no acaba” (2010), about Ava Gardner’s passage through Spain. “La próxima piel”, an award-winning psychological thriller starring Emma Suárez, Sergi López and Àlex Monner, is her first feature film as a director.Campo has also worked with Icíar Bollaín, Joost Van Ginkel and Federico Veiroj.

In 2018, the Filmoteca Española dedicated a complete retrospective to the tandem she composes with Lacuesta.

The awards

The winning short film of the section “Balears en Curt” and “Illes en Curt” will obtain:

  • A cash award of 700 euros
  • A trophy for the best short film in the “Balears in Curt” section and another trophy for “Illes en Curt”

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